Don't take my word for it! Here are some of the things my clients have said.


Sarah is fantastic!! So, so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She fitted my very fussy young pony and it has made a world of difference. She is patient and easy to talk to and has that rare gift of making you feel that you are her most important client, regardless of whether you ride the next Olympic champion or an opinionated, sharp pony. Wouldn't trust anybody else.

Kath Hallworth-cook


I have had my WOW saddle now for about 6 weeks and wow what a difference it has made to my horse’s training and progression. She has been able to free up her shoulders and because of the comfortable fit of the saddle for both her and me, she has already started to build more muscle, giving her the strength to perform higher school movements. Even her Chiropractor commented on how much better she was over the back with less tight areas and because she can now move through her shoulders more effectively she has really started to work those shoulder muscles to their full potential, giving the Chiropractor some work to do. I cannot fault the saddle. It was the best decision I had made in years and would recommend them to any horse owner whatever their discipline.

Libby Brewster, owner of Kalila (PRE x Welsh D)

I would now recommend a wow to anyone! Sarah is patient, knowledgeable and has an eye for the detail, and I am very grateful she introduced me to these saddles!

Zoë Smith


I was suffering from regular migraine headaches which had gone on for years. These had become fairly regular and although not really bad, they made it difficult to concentrate and led to significant drowsiness during the affected days. Visits to the GP had produced no benefit at all and I was resigned to a lifetime of paracetamol. When Sarah suggested Reiki, I was deeply sceptical. Although not completely closed to alternative medicines following successful family experiences with homeopathy many years ago, the concept of spiritual healing – let alone distance spiritual healing - seemed like something out of science fiction. But on the basis that it would give me a chance for a 30 minute snooze, I agreed to give it a go. A quick text between us to establish I was suitably reclined, and Sarah went to work. I dozed for half an hour and felt absolutely nothing although Sarah got a headache! But remarkably, my headaches lessened and after another session sometime later, they seemed to virtually disappear. They have since returned, albeit at a lesser intensity, and a further session is planned. Not being one to believe in things unless there is a scientific explanation, I am still struggling with this. But there is no doubt that whatever Sarah did, it had an effect and I for one, would certainly recommend her.

Phil, one of my Reiki clients

After trialing the Accuhorsemat for Nzuri Equine I was so impressed with the result I just had to buy it. That was last autumn. With continued use, my mare's work has gone from strength to strength and her muscle development has really improved to the point that she is now learning changes and canter pirouettes and has learnt to piaffe. She is currently competing at Elementary. I would highly recommend the rug to anyone.

Libby Brewster, owner of Kalila (PRE x Welsh D)

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