Accuhorsemat is an innovative acupressure blanket created for horses. Use it before riding to relax the horse’s muscles and prepare for a work-out. Use it after training to help the horse’s muscles to recover faster.

The acupressure blanket is used by many elite riders in Scandinavia, Europe and around the world with great success. Now available in U.K!


After trialing the Accuhorsemat for Nzuri Equine I was so impressed with the result I just had to buy it!

Libby Brewster, owner of Kalila (PRE x Welsh D)

I am the UK retailer of these popular Swedish innovations. Call or email me to find out more and to place an order.


Accuhorsemat® is a clever acupressure rug for use on horses. It increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins, so your horse relaxes and feels better.

Using the rug before riding relaxes the muscles and calms tense horses – making it easier to get to work. Using Accuhorsemat® after training helps the horse's muscles to recover more quickly and at the same time gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Taut muscles mean that the horse can experience pain, overcompensate with movements that are harmful to the body, develop a shorter stride length and have impaired muscle growth. Our tests show that Accuhorsemat® makes horses calmer and relaxes the muscles, which means your horse relaxes and feels better.


Acuswedemat is a Swedish-designed acupressure mat which is the result of a combination of classical acupressure and Swedish innovation. Acuswedemat is more ergonomically designed, hygienic and environmentally friendly. That makes it unique. The acupressure mat is used both for training and relaxation and is easy to take with you wherever you go. Acupressure mats have been clinically tested in Sweden.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient oriental treatment method. As the name implies, acupressure is all about pressure rather than needles, but on the same points as acupuncture and achieving the same result. Acupressure increases blood circulation, creates balance and increases energy in the body.


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